Metal / Rock

Being born in East Germany in 1981 impacted my path to metal music. Born in Brandenburg, just outside of Berlin, I was born into an era of rebellion with a generation of people, particularly in the area of Berlin, who were hungry for the knowledge of the other side. This was the era of Bowie, […]


Rooted in Metal, but becoming interested in different Styles of music I studied electric and classical Guitar in Rostock, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden. A pivotal moment for me happened one night in Gothenburg when I wandered into this tiny, out of the way club in the basement on the back side of a building. Nefertiti, […]


(English below) Deutsch: Auf dich angepasster Unterricht in E- und Akustik- Gitarre für alle Levels. Ob Anfänger, Student oder Profi Musiker, bei mir bist du willkommen. Personalisierter Unterricht in Rock / Metal / Pop / Shred / Jazz – einfaches und komplexes Akkordspiel, virtuose Soli, Songs, Musiktheorie – durchdachte Spieltechniken wie Fingerpicking, Hybrid Picking, Sweeping, […]


I have officially endorsed Japanese designed and manufactured FGN Guitars since 2012. I play seven different models/guitars in four bands. What I enjoy about them is their quality and fit. Each model is well-made, reliable, and engineered to streamline playing. I have officially endorsed French designed and manufactured Two Notes Audio Engineering products since 2014. […]