Support your friendly, neighborhood musicians! We need you!

Right now it is hard out here for us musicians, so I have assembled a list of my friends who provide music services and my friends bands that I think you should support in these times. I ask each of you to like every one of their pages, follow them on social media, subscribe to their YouTube channels (if they have any) AND watch their videos.

Buy their merch, try out a lesson, or book another service they offer. 


Music Lessons
-Online Guitar Lessons: Peter GeltatTom “Fountainhead” GeldschlägerRobert KlawonnAndy ThomasAndré SchaierFreddy Hau, Stephan Pankow, Wolf Zaddach, Pierre Sandeck, Hans Platz, Linus Abrahamson, Lille Gruber

-Online Voice Lessons: James McClellan Dorton IIIMoran Magal 

-Online Drums/Percussion Lessons: Matthias HaffnerChristoph Keck, Lille Gruber, Alberto Atalah

-Violin Lessons: Ally Storch

Recording and Creating
-Guitar Guest Solos: Peter GeltatTom “Fountainhead” GeldschlägerRobert Klawonn, Per Nilsson

-Electric and Acoustic Violin Guest Musician: Ally Storch

-Voice artist and Voiceovers: James McClellan Dorton III

-Composition, Arrangement, Music Theory, Orchestration: Matthias Preisinger

-Mixing/Mastering: Tom “Fountainhead” GeldschlägerBenjamin SchwenenFabio Minuzzi

-FOH Mixing: André Schaier, Jan Gensheimer, Julian Kuhn

Demos and Translations
-Gear Demos: Peter Geltat
-Translations (English and German): Peter Geltat


Merch and Bookings

Peter Geltat Trio

Holy Moses


Sinners Bleed

Tom “Fountainhead” Geldschläger

Freak Kitchen


Black Crown Initiate


Scar Symmetry

Guthrie Govan

The Aristocrats

The Intersphere

Defeated Sanity

Christian Muenzner


Logars Diary

Ally the Fiddle

The Outside

Sebastian Dracu

Die Krupps

Moran Magal

Nekyia Orchestra




We sincerely thank you for your support.