Still in Quarantine? Need some entertainment?

Hey there, everyone. I truly hope you are all well and safe. Here in Germany we are still (mostly) quarantined. Concerts and events have been cancelled and we are all having to be extra creative with our time.

Lucky for you, I have been busy creating.

—–Tired of Netflix and Prime? Then check out my YouTube channel for weekly video uploads and find yourself immersed in music demos for guitar gear and music.

—–Not in the mood for videos, well there are plenty of pictures for you on my Facebook and Instagram–cats even–and you can keep up on what I am up to during the week.

—–In the mood for something more active? Perhaps try out guitar lessons! I am not currently taking students for personal lessons in my home, but I am still teaching online.

Here are some of the videos you may have missed:

From the Demo Lounge…
Episode 9: Strymon Iridium is a pedal that models 3 of the most iconic amp and cab sounds which have set the standard for electric guitar sounds.
Episode 10: Pushking Pedals’ Ironfinger is the signature pedal from Axel “Ironfinger” Ritt of the German Metal Band Grave Digger.
Episode 11: Gig bags versus Cases is a video about my personal collection of gig bags and cases and hopefully helps you decide what is right for you.
Episode 12: Fortin Spliff is a splitter and buffer pedal. If you want to run two amps at a time, the Spliff is quite useful.
Episode 13: Fortin Blade is Whitechapel’s signature pedal that can give bite and tightness to your amp, as well as create thick stoner-metal sounds.
Episode 14: Fortin Zuul Mini has the reputation of being the tightest and best noise gate for Metal. In this Episode I show you how to connect it and how much noise it can take.
Episode 15: Ormsby Guitars SX Shark is a special edition guitar that is multi-scale with 29 Frets, a shark F-hole, and shark inlays.
Episode 16: Two Notes Torpedo Captor X is essentially a mix of the Captor and CAB-M. Not only does it have the abilities of it’s predecessors, it also includes stereo functions. If you love tube amps, but not the bulk and weight of cabinets, then be sure to check out this new gear!


Please enjoy all the content and keep checking back here for updates!



p.s. Fun fact about me is that I love fish. I also love zoning out on the aquarium in my studio office.