Rooted in Metal, but becoming interested in different Styles of music I studied electric and classical Guitar in Rostock, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden. A pivotal moment for me happened one night in Gothenburg when I wandered into this tiny, out of the way club in the basement on the back side of a building. Nefertiti, was the name of the place and it was there that I fell in love with Jazz listening to a small concert by a man named Avishai Cohen. I knew in that very moment, feeling entranced by his rhythms and groove, that I wanted to form a Trio. During this time abroad, I found my way to Scandinavian Jazz. In fact, I was immersed in it because several of the students in my University played and studied Jazz. The Esbjörn Svensson Trio became influential to my style, too. Inspired by this surrounding, the first compositions and sketches came into being. The idea to implement my music as an Electric Jazz Trio with Bass and Drums was the next consecutive step and the Peter Geltat Trio was formed when I moved back to finish my studies in Rostock, Germany. I found my Bass player, Michael Bahlk, and my Drummer, Christoph Keck as fellow students at the University. Our musical styles melded together, along with our love of The Mighty Boosh, and the rest is history. The Trio dares to create exquisite sounds and continuously reaches for the next level by merging the technology of progressive electric jazz with sultry classic backgrounds, sprinkled with a few metal grooves. Our first album, Läget, showcases these sounds.


Peter Geltat Trio