I am a professionally trained musician living in Berlin, Germany. My passion lies within the Jazz and Metal compositions in guitar. Born 1981 in Brandenburg, near Berlin, Germany, music is part of my cultural history. I picked up the Guitar at age 12 and since then I couldn’t put her down. I have had the opportunity to train with some of the world’s top musicians, composed with multiple groups, and toured internationally.
Rooted in Metal, but becoming interested in different styles of music I studied electric and classical guitar in Rostock, Germany and Gothenburg, Sweden. During these studies abroad, I found my way to Scandinavian Jazz.
Now I am a freelance Musician and Guitar teacher. I believe the limitless exploration of my imagination is the key to creating music with exponential versatility. The experience of composing music, and in some cases lyrics, for PGT, Holy Moses and KLONQUE, has allowed me to openly express my creativity without boundaries or limitations. Working with multiple genres has provided me access to a new set of instrumentation to further expand my skills.
As my journey continues, I find myself growing and evolving personally and artistically. For more information, please see my educational and artistic history on LinkedIn.




  • international live performer at multiple venues from stadiums to clubs
  • professionally trained and experienced in guitar for multiple music genres such as metal, jazz, funk, pop, gothic-industrial, classic, rock and
  • recording and assisting music production
  • created personal interpretations of previously recorded songs
  • obtaining endorsements and maintaining the instruments promoted
  • attending workshops and seminars to advance my musicality and talents


  • private instruction in person and online
  • teaching and practicing regularlymaintaining the students participation and lesson plans
  • teaching theory, chords, tuning, songs, rhythms, and more and helping students learn in the best possible way for them that helps them grow as a musician
  • handling the administration of business activities such as promotion, handling accounts, and negotiating teaching fees
  • learning new pieces of music to extend my repertoire


Workshop coach (musicians mind)

  • coaching musicians to utilize their full potential via mental exercises to promote better musicianship, and creativity
  • guiding musicians to identify and overcome stage-fright anxieties and mental blocks that inhibit performing
  • delivering educational work in schools, businesses and the wider community



  • develop and organize sound and musical elements, such as pitch, rhythm, melody, harmony and timbre, into aural sequences with a unique musicality for multiple music genres
  • writing musical notations and lyrics with individual expressions and creativity
  • applying music theory, music history, performance, composition, studio recording, education and therapy to each music genre individually
  • handling the administration of business activities such as promotion, handling accounts, negotiating fees and organizing distribution of my recordings both offline and online
  • seeking out and liaising with new venues in which to perform